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Cannons Away is a Mini-Game in Plants vs. Zombies 2. It can be found in Pirate Seas world map. In Cannons Away, players must use 5 pre-placed Coconut Cannons to shoot down Seagull Zombies. You earn points for every zombie shot down. Because the Coconut Cannons do area of effect damage, you can perform combos and earn extra points by shooting multiple zombies with one cannon ball. The points you've earned translates into coins at the end of the game. To earn the star, you must reach the target score by the end of the level.

  • Players need 3 Pirate Seas keys to unlock Cannons Away.

Pirate Seas

Level Plant Zombies Target Score
1 5 Coconut Cannons Seagull Zombie 30000
2 5 Coconut Cannons Seagull Zombie 40000
3 5 Coconut Cannons Seagull Zombie 60000

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